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1989 Chevrolet C/K1500


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Stock #TCM1024
MPG0.0 City / 0.0 Hwy
Engine4.3l V6 TBI 4.3l


This is a very unique truck. The truck is been modified to be a Hot Rod truck These are the hot rod notes for the $12K Motor and starting / electric brake info This has a 383 strocker motor 1989 Chevy that was ocnfigured for short track super late model racing

The block has special ductal iron in all eight holes The rotational assembly has Eagle 5.7 rods, Malloy .30 Pistons\Eagle race Crankshaft Race Proce race front balancer

The Cylinder Head are poorted CC'd with staniless 202 valves Pro trriple valve springs @250 PSI seat pressure Roller Rockcers Pro Gold line with girdles and locking valkave adjusters NASCAR M77 type race bearings High V olume Oil Pump 1.5 quart oil accumulator 6.5 Quartz oil system (20/50 race sysnthetic oil) 750 double pumper carburator Holly 130 Gpm electric fuel pump Race EFI distributer "Flame Thrower"

Ford 9" rear end Coil over rear shocks Four Link rear suspension 14" wide rear tires Dual Exhaust Headman Headers Race Electric Brake vacuum pump Aluminum race radiator 12 Gallon fuel cell

NOTES: Must have race gas a 110 or 112 octane 4200 RPM Stall speed Convertor B&M Race trabsmission

Instructions to start the Motor 1.- Turn the key, listem to fuel pump run 2.- Pump Gas peddle six or seven times to floor 3.-Open and Flip on red dash master power switch 4.- Turn ket to startere and crank Motor - keep motor in idle for about 1 minute before you place it into gear 5.- Shifter is Manual 1st all the way back in 2nd then 3rd gear clicks forward to center, then locks out 6.- To shift past lock press lever forward and them upward to reverse and park. 7.- Before moving forward turn on vacuum pump and watch pressure to be sure that brakes boost are rady to work.


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